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What is the main goal of your DIH

AgroHub.BG is a non-governmental not for profit organisation which functions as a Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) within the EU Strategy for the Digitalisation of European Industry. It is acts as a one-stop shop that will help companies become more competitive in their business / production process, products or services, by using digital technologies. The Hub will also support the digital transformation of the public sector.


What concrete activities do you do this week/ on a daily basis to reach that goal?

AgroHub.BG is active in the co-organisation of several events, including the recently concluded AgriTechHack in Bulgaria between the 13-14th of September.


The theme of the upcoming newsletter is ‘arable’. What is your link with arable farming (an FIE perhaps)?

We are currently working on an experiment regarding precision fertilisation with plant protection in sunflower, rapeseed and corn. Our focus on the arable sector stems from our combination of extensive and diverse sectoral expertise and our relationship with our local partners (the Grain Producer’s Association, universities and technology providers).


What techniques will be crucial for a successful arable sector in the coming 50 years?

Our vision is that the main challenge will be to meet the rising consumer demand for production chain traceability, which is related to both quality assurance and environment protection. Therefore, we see blockchain technology as a crucial element to be widely adopted in arable production.


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