Autonomous Greenhouses

The robot that waters the greenhouse plants 

If greenhouse growers water young plants a little too much, they might develop fungal diseases. The cultivation of exotic vegetables, fruits and flowers in greenhouses is a very delicate task and growers sometimes lack sufficient knowledge to execute this task effectively. Farmers have hectic days and are prone to mistakes which can have devastating consequences. With our FIE we aim to help them.

Instead of leaving things to human error, we create a robotic arm which executes precision tasks without much effort. The robotic arm is controlled by trained AI which gathers data acquired by sensors in the greenhouses. On this basis it makes decisions with regards watering, fertilising or de-weeding and treats each individual plant with the right action at the right moment. Given this, the farmer can lay back and think about what they want for dinner.

Our daily work requires a lot of problem solving. For example, we recently spent 6 hours attempting to synchronise the drives of individual sections of the robotic arm, and to sequence the movements specified in the software. We managed to do this, and as a result, the AI can precisely position the end of the arm in the indicated positions it wants it to. We even continue our work during the evening, where we exchange thoughts and ideas through social media. What binds us is our shared desire to solve day-to-day problems for end-users so that they do not have to worry anymore about small mistakes.

Being part of SmartAgriHubs has allowed us to tap in to a big pool of sector-related knowledge. Moreover, we have received a lot of support from the Digital Innovation Hub Agro Poland in determining the potential of selected technologies and testing different systems. Additionally, their observations are very useful, and we use it to further improve our autonomous greenhouse robot.

Our team is very committed to the project. We work 3000 km away from each other, but -thanks to modern technology- it feels like we’re in parallel rooms.

Source: SmartAgriHubs

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