Collaboration between stakeholders to promote the organic production of plums

Country: Austria

Type of Innovation / modernization: New production method and its practical  implementation

Funding: Measure 124 of the Rural Development Program (2007 – 2013)

What and for whom: This project brings together farmers, agricultural producers and researchers in order to establish the conditions and requirements for promoting and successfully growing plums by biological means

Originator: Plum producers

Project participants:

Farmers and/or producer groups
Consultants, Agricultural Advisory Services
Agricultural universities and / or research centers
Agricultural universities and/or research centers

Problems / Needs: The constant and low price of plums grown on a conventional market

Opportunities: The growing demand for organic fruits

Beneficiaries: Farmers

Benefit from Knowledge Transfer: The project has been realized thanks to a wide range of stakeholders, including research institutes, experts on the application of organic pest control methods, and the Agricultural Advisory Service.

The role of existing networks or the National Rural Network (NSS): Consultancy services play a key role in coordinating the project and providing critical technical advice;

Results / Conclusions:

  • The project provides clarification on important issues related to growing methods, varieties and plant protection products
  • The project carried out research and analysis, ascertaining what is the status quo in the fresh market fruits and processed products on the European market
  • The amount of prunes produced by biological means is expected to increase substantially, as a result, the project
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