Decision Support Systems in France

Delivering strategic advice to wheat farmers through a mobile application which processes information from the cloud and data from IoT solutions.

Farmers are increasingly dealing with unpredictable climatic conditions. Therefore, this Flagship Innovation Experiment (FIE) supports wheat producers in maintaining a high-level of production in terms of quantity as well as quality. As this is becoming a problem not only for Mediterranean regions it is crucial to put this FIE’s mobile application to a larger territorial scale. The currently developed tool uses parcel data from sensors, satellites and crop models to generate technical and strategic advice for its end-users. Once the application reaches operational scale, the incorporated information system will also ensure the seamless connection with other farm software, enabling producers to control critical parameters throughout the year.

To continuously upgrade the tool’s calibration and extend its functionalities, this FIE relies on a network of digital farms as well as farmer associations, which currently rely on different Decision Support Systems (DSSs) and parcel management software, each with their own data standards. In order to successfully manage the centralised information processing, the seamless data transmission to the cloud combined with assimilated data from various Internet of Things (IoT) solutions is at the heart of this mobile application.

Source: SmartAgriHubs

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