Development of a new method for pest control

Country: Spain

Funding: Measure 114 Rural Development Program (2007 – 2013)

Type of innovation: New product, process, technology

What it is and for which participants: Biological control is a method of controlling pests (including insecticides, mites, weeds, and plant diseases) by using other living organisms. New pest control, without the use of phytosanitary products, for farmers means less cost and a positive environmental impact on the other hand. Spanish plant protection experts test new varieties of plants used for biological control and subsequently inform farmers about the most suitable for certain conditions, soil and markets.

Initiator: Counseling Offices of Food Industry Associations

Participants: Farmers, producer groups and producer associations, food processing enterprises, Agricultural Advisory Services, consultants.

Problems, needs: It is difficult to solve the problems related to the health and sustainability of the crops/cultures with the existing methods and the lack of phytosanitary solutions that meet the requirements of the European legislation and at the same time to deal with pests and diseases uncompromisingly.

Beneficiaries: Farmers

Benefit from knowledge transfer: Efforts to control organic production are not sufficiently reflected in the price of organic products. There is no direct impact on the market.

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