Farmer’s questionnaire on precision crop management

Our arable trial use case around Precision Crop Management sent out a questionnaire to the farmers that are part of the use case. The questonaire aimed at highlighting the technical-economic changes, IoF2020 technology has already induced.

The biggest change noted in the returns on the new services, has been the change of the nitrogen levels in the soil. Secondly, changes were noted on the intervals between irrigation and fertilisation. They also found that the technologies were adapted to their needs specifically. 2/3 of the farmers also see economic potential in the technology, and would invest therein in light of commercialisation.

In the application of the specific IoF2020 project, it must be said that 1/3 of the questioned farmers, were not convinced of the potential of the project. Their situations were characterised by farms with a surface of between 100 and 200ha, and very specific production methods.

The majority that did recognise potential, however, is considerable. Among farmers between 20 and 30 years of age, for one, all were convinced by the services. Most of the farms that are convinced of the potential, have already applied, to an extent, such technologies; mostly drones, N-sensors and satelite maps.

Considering the recognition of an average increase of 24% in productivity in all questioned farms, the project can be considered a success. The questionnaire proves, however, that the future of Europe’s agricultural digitalisation is dependent on the continuation by these farmers. Although the future of farming seems to be set, with young farmers excited to embrace these technologies, more can maybe be done to further implement digitalisation of agriculture among the wider public.


Source: IOF2020.EU

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