FIE France: Strategic decision-making by farmers

Creating a Decision Support Tool which assesses the consequences of decisions in order to support the strategic decision-making by farmers.

A farm is a complex ecosystem where all the performance criteria must be assessed before setting up a strategy. To define the best strategy for their field, farmers need to anticipate the consequences of each decision as it impacts economic, social and environmental factors. This Flagship Innovation Experiment (FIE) addresses agriculture’s multifunctionality with a Decision Support Tool (DST), providing farmers and advisors with help in their strategic decision-making. Standardised and scientifically robust calculation methods are at the centre of this multi-criteria evaluation tool. They can precisely describe the functioning of a cropping system and assess the impact of individual choices in real-time.

As a result of user participation, this FIE improves already existing calculation methods and indicators in order to adapt the functionalities to their specific needs. All the calculations carried out by the DST’s underlying engine will be available as Application Programming Interface (API) to provide an open access innovation ecosystem, thereby facilitating farmer’s flexibility through interoperability.

Source: SmartAgriHubs

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