FIE Greece: Digitising Open-Field Vegetables

Deploying drones, satellites and IoT devices to figure out the right harvesting time and discover weed patches, thereby enhancing the production of organic open field vegetables.

The objective of this Flagship Innovation Experiment (FIE) is to monitor and optimise the production of organic open field vegetables. By doing so, the FIE improves the efficiency of agricultural operations whilst at the same time reducing the environmental impacts by mitigating resource inputs such as water, fertilisers or biopesticides.

Innovative technologies like satellites or drones are deployed to determine the optimum harvesting time or to identify weed patches and are used in combination with Internet of Things (IoT) devices in order to measure atmospheric as well as soil conditions. Subsequently, all these collected data are processed in a cloud infrastructure to provide farmers with a Decision Support System (DSS) and management models, alleviating production losses caused by pests, diseases and infestations. In addition, information is integrated into the certification and traceability process for organic vegetable producers in order to add supplementary value to the final produce. This ultimately raises consumers’ awareness of the quality of vegetable production.

Source: SmartAgriHubs

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