FIE Slovenia: Decentralised Trust in Agri-Food Supply Chains

Implementing blockchain technology to integrate data from stakeholders across the dairy and poultry supply chain to improve traceability of products.

To demonstrate the value of data exchange between stakeholders along the supply chain, this Flagship Innovation Experiment (FIE) decentralises trust with the use of blockchain technology. By implementing and utilising origin trail protocols into complex supply chains in the dairy as well as poultry sector, the FIE proves the flexibility of their solution whilst at the same time gathering deeper insights into the specificities of both sectors.

Based on a lean multi-actor approach a panel of users – including farmers, food producers and consumers – validates the developed solution, provides consultation on the business models and engages all relevant actors in an efficient way. Therefore, crucial data from key stakeholders along the supply chain are integrated and verified with the aim of addressing the current lack of interoperability. As a result, an environment is established which provides additional value for the entire agri-food sector concerning the traceability of the products, their provenance and authenticity.

Source: SmartAgriHubs

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