Fresh food from small farms

Innovative online platform brings natural produce to city dwellers

About this project

Farmhopping is an online market for natural produce from more than 100 small Bulgarian farms whose agricultural methods meet sustainability requirements. It bridges the gap between farmers and consumers, with farmers getting a fair price for their produce and consumers a convenient supply of fresh food.

Fresh food ordered online from anywhere in Bulgaria

farmhopping, one of Bulgaria’s largest online platforms for farm products, has started delivering fresh, seasonal and natural food all over the country. Customers can now order from several producers in different places and receive everything in a single delivery. The platform, which until recently covered only Sofia and Plovdiv, enables people to shop for food from more than 100 small and family farms.

To sell on farmhopping, producers must not use pesticides, preservatives or enhancers, and must meet sustainable agriculture and livestock breeding requirements. The products’ freshness is guaranteed because the farmers prepare them specifically for each order. Also, farmhopping packaging keeps food at the right temperature, no matter how far it has to be transported.

Online farmers’ market supports Bulgarian producers

Farmhopping is the brainchild of three friends – Mikhail Stanchev, Rossi Mitova and Ruslan Vakrilov. They joined forces in late 2012 to help a small farm in the Pirin mountains find funding and a market for its products. Orlin Radev and Alex Alexiev then joined the team, bringing the business experience and technical expertise necessary to create

Through this platform, farms promote and sell their products and consumers get access to fresh food. Opportunities provided by farmhopping have allowed hundreds of small businesses to grow.

€500,000 has been invested in the project, €100,000 of which is from EU-backed venture capital fund Eleven. “Our project – a revolution in an industry controlled by global corporate giants – would have been impossible without Eleven’s support and investment. They were among the first who believed in us and our cause,” says CEO Orlin.

Farmhopping website

Website of Eleven – venture capital fund supported by the EU’s JEREMIE initiative

JEREMIE initiative website


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