Goals and tasks

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Why AgroHub.BG?


The digitization of industrial sectors is at a rapid pace across Europe. Bulgaria is not an exception. Despite the accelerated technological advances in recent years, the agrarian sector in the country, and in particular its main representatives, the producers, is still experiencing difficulties in assessing the return on investment in sectoral digital innovations. According to research by the Institute of Agrostrategies and Innovations, over 70% of the Bulgarian farmers:

  • are worried about trusting new technologies;
  • are not sure about the maturity of technological updates in the agrarian sector (Big Data, artificial intelligence, robotics, drones, machines, etc.);
  • can not determine the interoperability and continuity with existing production systems;
  • have no access to a stream of knowledge and resources;
  • do not have the ability to communicate effectively with private companies, laboratories, and government institutions, finding ready-made solutions to specific cases that affect their production.
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In April 2016, the European Commission launched the Strategy for Digitization of the European Industry (CEI) within the Digital Single Market package, which creates and complements the various national initiatives for the digitization of industry to “make sure that Europe’s industry, big or small, no matter where and in which sector, can take full advantage of digital innovation to refine its products, improve its processes, and adapt its business to the digital age. ”

One of the pillars of the CEI initiative is the establishment of a Pan-European Network of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH).

AgroHub.BG is the Bulgarian Digital Innovation Hub in the field of agriculture and food industry.

What are our goals?

AgroHub.BG will play a strategic role in building skills and finding innovative solutions for the problems of Bulgarian farmers and representatives of the agrarian sector – private companies and state and science institutions, as other people and organizations.

The goal of the hub is to unite and link all elements of the production cycle to agrarian production, including surveys, zoning, production and control, marketing and sales, digitization processes and the deployment of innovative technologies.

The Hub will provide direct information access to the latest machine and software solutions in the agrarian sector, with the idea of building a warm relationship between search and bidders.

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Services provided by AgroHub.BG?


Currently, AgroHub.BG attracts members to help provide the following services:


  • Project development – Identification of opportunities, development of proposals;
  • Skills and educаtion – Courses, workshops, offering technological infrastructure for educational purposes;
  • Access to finance – Financial engineering, connection to funding sources, investment plans;
  • Incubator/accelerator support – Voice of customer, market assessment, business development, consortia building, offering location;
  • Testing and validation – Certification, product demonstration, product qualification;
  • Provision of technical infrastructure – Renting equipment, low rate commercial production, offering platform technology infrastructure;
  • Contract research – Specific R&D, technology concept development, proof of concept;
  • Strategic R&D – Joint, pre-competitive R&D;
  • Lobbying – Representing interests during meetings & conferences, organizing visits;
  • Ecosystem learning – Workshops, seminars to share knowledge and experience;
  • Strategy Development – Market intelligence, market assessment, roadmapping;
  • Community building – Scouting, brokerage, awareness creation, dissemination, ecosystem building.

By generating the necessary number of AGROHUB.BG contractors, possessing the necessary knowledge, skills, resources and capacity, synergies will be created between them to provide quality services for enhancing the digital and technological security of the agri-food chain. It is in this ecosystem of activities and services that solutions to the problems of the stakeholders of the sector will be born.

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