Privacy Policy

The following document describes the Pricavy Policy of the Institute for Agrostrategy and Innovation (IAE) in connection with the receipt and processing of information for users while visiting their websites maintained by IAE.

Information IAE gets to users of its website

The information we collect about users of our website does not constitute personal data within the meaning of the Data Protection Act (DPA). This is because in type, which are processed in our data are anonymous in segregated form and not allow identification of the user. The information is used only for statistical purposes to measure activity and attendance on our website, and to improve navigation by the user.

Policy regarding cookies (cookies)

To enable smooth and fast operation of the IAE website using the technology of “cookies” (cookies). These are bits of code, usually stored on a computer’s hard drive, allowing customization of a website for each user by keeping information about your visit him. You can set your internet browser you are using does not accept cookies and this will apply to page IAE. If you disable cookies on our website, it will continue to work, but without the possibility to use some of its features. The information stored in any such file within a website refers only to the technical use of the website.

Email Subscriptions

If you subscribe to a monthly newsletter or to receive blog posts by the Institute for agrostrategii and innovation, we will have your email address. This address will be used only to distribute our publications. If you want to unsubscribe from our email list, you can do so at any time, as specified in each e-mail you receive or by contacting us. IAE does not provide e-mail addresses of its users to third parties nor use it for marketing purposes.

Information Security

The data is stored encrypted on a secure server and is accessible only by an officer of IAE whose position and job responsibilities require knowledge of that information.


If you have questions about the Privacy Policy you can contact us by e-mail on:, phone (02) 988 50 62 or by mail to: Damyan Gruev Str. 1, 6th floor, Sofia 1606, Bulgaria