Production of a new product, that is new to the market- jam

Country: Czech Republic


Funding: Measure 124 of the Rural Development Program (2007 – 2013)

Type of innovation / modernization: Innovative end product

Project and Participants: The company produces jams, which are used for filling in the bakeries, confectionery industry, as well as for direct saleс in shops. In order to meet market requirements, the company invested in the creation of an innovative product, working with a research institute to develop a new technology for processing the raw materials. The Innovation is the improved quality of the finished product, the new packaging and the production technology that does not involve the incorporation of preservatives. The Innovation also includes the production of jams with whole fruits or pieces, which are mostly sought after in the confectionery industry.

Initiator: Recipient of financial assistance based on the adaptation to market requirements

Participants in the project: Food processing sector, Institute of Chemical Technology

Issues / Needs: The numerous, different users of jams in the Czech Republic are usually loaded with products that have a relatively low fruit content. This effect is achieved by adding a large quantity of sugar beet. This approach is appropriate in cases where jam is used by cheap bakeries. In this case, the beneficiary focused on the average price range of products.

Beneficiary: Companies based in the food processing sector

Benefits of knowledge transfer: The introduction of an innovative product in mass production is a precursor

Results / Conclusions:

  • Validation of a new jam type, that includes up to 70% fruit content;
  • New packaging that is biodegradable and does not pollute the environment;
  • Chemical preservatives have been successfully removed, as well as the added sugar content in the end product which is minimized but not at the expense of the shelf life of the product;
  • An additional effect is also achieved by enhancing the professional skills of the staff by providing specific information from experts in the food industry regarding inputs;
  • Better economic performance has been achieved through greater profitability, high labour productivity.
  • Co-operation between researchers and employees during the implementation of the project made the jam plant become a symbiosis of theory and practice.
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