The Chil platform brings together different participants in the organization of the food chain

Country: Spain

Funding: European Regional Development Funds, INTERREG program

Type of innovation /modernization: an Innovative form of organization

Initiator: University

Participants: Farmers, farm associations, cooperatives, SMEs in the agro-food industry, agricultural advisory services, consultants, universities, research institutes, local initiative groups and others.

Issues / Needs: Lack of communication between processing plants, research centers and agricultural food and product manufacturers. There is no website on the Internet where information related to “everything” is available to the food sector.

Beneficiaries: All interested in the food sector, as well as research centers, manufacturers, technicians, companies, cooperatives, associations and public institutions.

Benefits from knowledge transfer: The main benefit of creating the platform is the exchange of information, knowledge transfer and the ability to share documents. With regard to the implementation of investments, information on upcoming receptions under measures and support schemes, project funding, partner search, state aid, etc. can be published in the platform. The platform can also offer training and be used as a production market.

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